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Viewing KMZ Files

After significant earthquakes, the Intensity Lab produces Google Earth Tours, in KMZ format, of the epicenter and nearby sites of interest. Recent Intensity Lab Google Earth KMZ Intensity Map tours are provided above.

The KMZ files, linked to above, can be downloaded to your computer. Then, they can be viewed using Google Earth software, available free from Google. The Intensity Lab KMZ tours start in a location over California, zoom into the epicenteral region of the earthquake, then fly to a city near the epicenter. The tour shows a USGS ShakeMap intensity map for the region. Text descriptions in the KMZ tour for the earthquake epicenter, and the selected city, describe the earthquake magnitude, and the estimated intensity for the selected city.

Intensity Lab KMZ files are similar to USGS KMZ files, but Intensity Lab KMZ Google Earth tours report site-oriented intensity. The USGS KMZ files report primarily on earthquake location and magnitude. The USGS instruction for opening and viewing KML and KMZ files are on the USGS web site:

USGS KML File Description