Seismic Intensity Videos

Researchers at the U.C. Berkeley Seismographic Station have assembled a collection of seismic intensity videos, showing ground motions at different intensity levels.

More Seismic Intensity Videos

The following table gives text descriptions of several seismic itensity levels used in the U.S.G.S ShakeMap intensity scale. The ShakeMap intensity scale runs from Intensity I (Not Felt) to Intensity X+ (Extreme Shaking).

USGS ShakeMap Intensity Level

Shaking Description

Potential Damage

Video Example

Many ordinary buildings partially collapse and a few collapse completely.
Most people are frightened and run outdoors. Furniture is shifted and objects fall from shelves in large numbers. Many ordinary buildings suffer moderate damage.
Earthquake is felt indoors by most, outdoors by a few. Many sleeping people awake. Hanging objects swing considerably. Dishes and glasses clatter. Top heavy objects topple. Doors and windows swing.
Very Light
People at rest feel a swaying or light trembling.

Contribute Video Links

If you see an earthquake ground motion video of interest, please send us a link to the video, and we may add it to our list of videos we use to illustrate seismic intensities. You can email us at: